On November 8, 2015

Is digital really any better?

Is digital really any better? The digital music revolution has been a boon, offering many ways to promote, share and enjoy music. There is also a huge problem: Content is fragmented and context is lost. Lyrics, credits, liner notes and photos are often missing or scattered – coming from many sources, in a confusing array
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On November 7, 2015

What? Another music App?

What? Another music App? But, what about my music library? I have accounts on multiple services already!” Not to worry– Our App is platform-agnostic. Go ahead and listen to whatever music you have, however you have it. We provide the beautiful, immersive interface and curate content for you – no ‘buzz-kill’ effect of going to
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Cooktop is an application and supporting web service for the music fan looking for a phenomenal music experience. This ‘app’ plays music and videos, displays bonus content and info (metadata), and supports social media/networking and e-commerce simultaneously in an interactive, unified and visually immersive environment. It is beautiful, easy to use and creates a veritable

How this works
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